Diagnosing Endometriosis Is Hard, But Treating It Turned Out To Be Worse: “Earnest and warm, he hastened to reassure me: endometriosis could cause infertility, but I could still attract a husband, and maybe even have babies. Again, I blinked. I’d just learned I had a baffling, incurable disease; I hadn’t gotten a chance to consider what this would do to my love life, or my future.” – published by Bustle

Things We Don’t Talk About (aka The Coffee Table Book): “There are things that my family has agreed not to talk about. Not formally and certainly not out loud, but through a selective, half-conscious telepathy that seems bred into each of us, along with brown eyes, guilt, and a propensity towards gaining weight.” – published by The Toast

The Bird Family: “First there was the rush of nausea and the burn of bile in my throat, and then I thought, the universe has one sick fucking sense of humor.” – published by Brain, Child

Buying Blue: “I was an adult in name only. In every way that mattered, I was sixteen again.” – published by The Dallas Review

Romance Isn’t Romantic: “Unfortunately, none of these things are true; the truth is boring and modern and lacking any element of romance. We met online.” – published by Role/Reboot